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A Modest Proposal

All public school students who pass the AIMS tests by the 10th grade should be invited to graduate at the end of that school year rather than spending time in high school for two more years. They have, after all, completed 95% of their graduation requirements. Continue reading

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Reptile Newt Surpasses the Donald

Who would believe that although the reptile* had barely entered the Republican primary race that he could become a bigger joke than Donald Trump so soon? After his appearance on Meet the Press where he managed to stuff both feet … Continue reading

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Freedom Riders 50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders’ incursion into the segregated South in an effort to bring about change. The summer of 1961 saw over 400 individuals, black and white, join an effort to test and challenge the Jim Crow laws that segregated travel facilities throughout the South. While their goal was based on non-violence, that did not stop those who brutally attacked them, often aided by local police; I hope that no one ever underestimates or undervalues the courageous efforts of these selfless young people.

I was fortunate enough to participate, even in a small way, in this important civil rights movement. Continue reading

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