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The Quest for a Book Cover

Finding a designer who can do a worthy book cover is not always easy. Nor is it cheap. Generally, your options are to find a good cover designer to personally work with or to look for an online designer at one of many cover design sites. I chose to work with 99designs.com. Continue reading

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My Book, The Clay Remembers, and Similar Books

Many of you know that my novel, The Clay Remembers, is fast approaching completion. I’m excited about having got it to this point—ready for an archaeologist to fact-check my descriptions of the work after which I’ll pass it along to … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal

All public school students who pass the AIMS tests by the 10th grade should be invited to graduate at the end of that school year rather than spending time in high school for two more years. They have, after all, completed 95% of their graduation requirements. Continue reading

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This is Not My Southern Arizona

Midnight Cactus, by Bella Pollen, is supposedly set in the Sonoran Desert near Tucson, Arizona, and the Mexican border. This review points out the numerous discrepancies between her imagined desert setting and the real thing. Continue reading

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