About Me

To know who I am, you must first know where I am from . . .

I am FROM     

     (written in response to a presentation by Tom Romano)

I am from comings and goings and leaving behinds
from blackberry brambles
and blackberry mush
I am from headless chickens
scalded and rank on the back porch
I am from anger and
I am from household battlegrounds
where silence had no voice
where love had no refuge

I am from a boxelder tree
where strong branches held me
I am from strength and
determination and
from school
I am from looking ahead
I am from never looking back
. . .
I am from baseball and
from a small town third baseman
I am from where I was
Now I am from here
I am from now.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Betty Anne says:

    Everytime I read this, I love it more.


    • Sharon says:

      I’m so pleased you look back at this now and then. This is truly who I am–and no doubt, in some ways, who you are as well. I do mean to get back to this blog soon–with your latest contribution and with others I have backed up and waiting. So busy right now with other projects, but I know this is an important voice for me and probably for you as well. Love you.


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