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Revisiting Why Boxelders and Blackberries?

One of the first entries I wrote when i started this blog in 2009 related to the title. When I think back to what I wrote then, I think it barely captures what that tree meant to me and doesn’t say enough about those blackberry brambles. My life at home was not always a happy life. The memories are often told in the stories that populate this blog. “1945,” tells about a very young child’s introduction to racism; “Of Trees, Tubs, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Silence” describes the view from the boxelder tree; “Caught in the Wringer,” is about washing clothes with an old wringer washer and trying to escape the violence surrounding Maggie Jean; “Freedom Riders 50th Anniversary,” recounts my little contribution to history; and “Prelude to a Not-So-Ordinary Day” and “Horse Latitudes” tell about an extraordinary (and dangerous) experience I had with my horse. The tragedy of my sister’s life (and death) is told in “Why Didn’t You Catch Me?” There are others here that tell my story. Continue reading

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The boy is back!

After the ordeal we went through with Paco’s pulled muscle and injury at the coronary band, we are finally out of the woods, so to speak, and back on the trail. At the end of April, Paco will be twenty-seven years old, and I don’t have to tell you I was very worried about whether I’d be able to bring him safely through those problems and get back to riding. He’s always been a strong, tough boy whose appearance belies his age. Most people assume he’s about fifteen. I had begun to think his age was catching up with him. Continue reading

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Horse Latitudes

This picks up where the posting, Prelude to a Not-So-Ordinary Day left off. We left the barn that morning around  8 am. Me, Janis, and Jean. We headed out to the northeast, towards Spirit Dog Ranch, where we met up … Continue reading

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