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. . . and Speaking of the Donald

I can’t believe it. I’ve been wondering for the last several days how the media can so completely ignore the joke that is Donald. I mean, shouldn’t a man with his millions be able to afford a barber or stylist to improve his physical image? I can’t believe that any interviewer has ever been able to look him in the eyes during an interview; surely they can’t tear their eyes from the “coif,” much like being unable to tear your eyes away from a train wreck in progress. Continue reading

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OMG! My Blog is Becoming Political Because Donald Trump is an Idiot!!

Donald Trump, moneyed idiot extraordinaire, has brought us to this. His “birther” attack on the president is best explored by Baratunde Thurston, The Onion, with this video response (and, for those of you familiar with the Onion, believe me there is no Onion joke here).

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A Delicious Skewering of El Rushbo

Last night on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show, O’Donnell deliciously demonstrated the absolute and total ignorance of Rush Limbaugh. It was great! It seems El Rushbo took issue on his radio program with we liberals who point out, accurately, that Jesus was a liberal. In his own imbecilic style, he ranted about our claim that Jesus favored the poor and downtrodden over the rich and powerful. Continue reading

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Tax Day 2011

In honor of tax day and having to pay through our teeth, like so many of us in the dwindling middle class, I thought you should be fully informed on who’s getting a free ride on our backs. Continue reading

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Real Housewives? I Don’t Think So

I’ve never intentionally watched a “reality” tv show. But if I were going to, I can guarantee that the “real housewives” of anywhere would not be among them. . . .Real housewives, huh? “Relatively affluent, bourgeois housewives and professional women”? Can anyone imagine these women or the creators and producers of these shows ever actually scrubbing floor, changing diapers, washing windows, sorting laundry, or doing any of the thousands of things an actual housewife might do? Continue reading

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Me and My Church

What follows is a response to an earlier post, called The Paradox of Pro-Life Church Teachings . It comes from my sister, whom I invited to be a guest blogger. I suspect her experience is not uncommon, and I would … Continue reading

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