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*”He Moved”

It was one of those moments when time slows and details become more pronounced, a rather macabre tableaux vivant, burned indelibly in my mind. My father, outside, trying to break the door down; my mother inside with the shotgun; me … Continue reading

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Caught in the Wringer

For as long as Maggie Jean could remember, her parents had fought. From time to time, some one of the children had tried to break it up, but they always fought with a single-minded vengeance. In fact, when Maggie Jean was first at home alone with them, she had vowed to do her best to stop it. Where everyone else failed, she would succeed. So when they fought, she tried to come between them, trying to protect them from one another. All she managed to do was to get beaten up in the process. Finally, after she had been bruised and battered herself, with hardly any notice taken, she understood that they really didn’t care if she got hurt, that hurting each other was more important. She finally gave up. So she ran—to get away from it and not see it or hear it. If she came back and found them both dead, she wouldn’t be surprised and she wasn’t even sure she would care. Continue reading

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