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Chicago, Chicago, That Toddlin’ Town . . .

I guess that title will tell some of you how old I am and others will wonder what the heck a “toddlin’ town” is. If you’re curious check this out. In addition to New York, Sinatra sang about Chicago. The Windy City … Continue reading

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Dr. Cristy Kessler and 5 STEPS Advocate Book Tour | Indiegogo

Gearing up for a very important event. We’re taking Cristy’s book, 5 S.T.E.P.S. to Being Your Own Patient Advocate, on the road in July and are in need of funding to help out. Right now, it’s all out-of-pocket expenses, but it is definitely a worthwhile project as the whole concept related to her book has generated a new venture. Our plan is not only to publish additional books (with workbooks) to serve a broader community of patients, caregivers, and medical professionals, but also to provide personalized service through workshops and one-on-one consultations, teaching patients and their caregivers how to open doors that have been shut by conventional healthcare systems. Continue reading

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Five Steps Blog: Cristy’s Mistake

Cristy, like so many others who have been through a dangerous health journey and came out on the other side, explains how her current wellness contributed to her failure to do something she must do to maintain and sustain her … Continue reading

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The Pants of Shame | Kristen Lamb’s Blog

The Pants of Shame The Pants of Shame are rumored to have been forged in the black bowels of Hell, created by the most unholy of unions–the Knitting Needles of the Damned and the Yarn of Infernal Intent. No one … Continue reading

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The “Hemingway App”–an Interesting Exercise

I recently ran across the Hemingway App, an app designed to make you write “bold and clear,” in the manner of Ernest Hemingway, whose prose was spare and stripped of fluff.

I copied a piece of my entry from October 10, “I Wasn’t Expecting It,” to see what it might tell me about my writing. This particular entry was initiated by a prompt given by my journal writing group, so I had little thought about where it might one day lead. I may return to it sometime to see what follows. Continue reading

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Revisiting Why Boxelders and Blackberries?

One of the first entries I wrote when i started this blog in 2009 related to the title. When I think back to what I wrote then, I think it barely captures what that tree meant to me and doesn’t say enough about those blackberry brambles. My life at home was not always a happy life. The memories are often told in the stories that populate this blog. “1945,” tells about a very young child’s introduction to racism; “Of Trees, Tubs, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Silence” describes the view from the boxelder tree; “Caught in the Wringer,” is about washing clothes with an old wringer washer and trying to escape the violence surrounding Maggie Jean; “Freedom Riders 50th Anniversary,” recounts my little contribution to history; and “Prelude to a Not-So-Ordinary Day” and “Horse Latitudes” tell about an extraordinary (and dangerous) experience I had with my horse. The tragedy of my sister’s life (and death) is told in “Why Didn’t You Catch Me?” There are others here that tell my story. Continue reading

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