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The Quest for a Book Cover

Finding a designer who can do a worthy book cover is not always easy. Nor is it cheap. Generally, your options are to find a good cover designer to personally work with or to look for an online designer at one of many cover design sites. I chose to work with 99designs.com. Continue reading

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My Book, The Clay Remembers, and Similar Books

Many of you know that my novel, The Clay Remembers, is fast approaching completion. I’m excited about having got it to this point—ready for an archaeologist to fact-check my descriptions of the work after which I’ll pass it along to … Continue reading

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The Clay Remembers: The Characters

A few days ago, I promised to begin introducing the characters in the novel, The Clay Remembers. ANNA (Anna McClure Robinson) comes from a modest, difficult background, having been raised in a household where domestic violence was the norm. As a young girl, … Continue reading

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The Clay Remembers (Prologue)

For the “someday” novel: After her marriage ends, archaeologist Anna Robinson takes a job excavating the site of both a prehistoric culture and a nineteenth century ranch where her life intertwines with the lives of two women who lived at … Continue reading

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Tucson Festival of Books

A day at the Second Annual Tucson Festival of Books was a pleasurable excursion for me and my 100+ year-old mother: lots of people, lots of books, and some good sessions to learn from. Continue reading

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