A Reprise of “The Donald” and His Hair

I published this blog entry w-a-a-a-y back in 2011 when The Donald was the conductor on the Crazy Train, promoting his theory about Barack Obama’s birth. He was, then, no less a joke than he is today. It’s frightening, though, that today he has again boarded the Crazy Train, this time as the Engineer, trying to establish himself as the best candidate for President in 2016. He has drawn in the most rabid of the tea party radicals to his insane rantings. But that’s probably not what most people want to know.  I think what they most want to know is how in the hell does he do that to his hair? And what’s underneath??

Published 4/28/2011

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I can’t believe it. I’ve been wondering for the last several days how the media can so completely ignore the joke that is Donald. I mean, shouldn’t a man with his millions be able to afford a barber or stylist to improve his physical image? I can’t believe that any interviewer has ever been able to look him in the eyes during an interview; surely they can’t tear their eyes from the “coif,” much like being unable to tear your eyes away from a train wreck in progress.

Today I decided to do a google search to learn what I could about his hair, thinking that I would find lots of recent, even humorous links, since he had so recently thrust himself into the national spotlight by hopping aboard the birther crazy train and commandeering it for his own self-promotion.

How to do the Trump do

How to do the Trump do

I thought for a bit about what I should enter into the Google search box, knowing that the hair was the result of very careful construction. I settled on “architecture of Trump’s combover,” and I was surprised to learn it was not original with me. There were six entries at the top of the list using some variations of those exact words. Even more interesting was the fact that most of these sites were from the United Kingdom and some were several years old. Apparently US journalists are afraid of offending the Donald by mentioning the coif. Kind of like the emperor’s new clothes; no one is willing to be the first to point out how ridiculous he looks.

To his credit, a Vanity Fair columnist, Bruce Handy, more recently commented on a picture in a British tabloid, The Daily Caller:

http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2011/03/heroic-oprah-might-give-donald-trump-a-haircut.htmlThanks to the miracle of harsh lighting, the photo appears to reveal one of Trump’s most tightly held secrets, . . . . Look closely. See the cross-hatching in Trump’s hair? My baldly stated thesis: This could be evidence of a rarely-sighted, possibly unprecedented ‘double comb-over.’

In a 2008 article in Britain’s Daily Mail, the do is more thoroughly deconstructed Note the layersand includes detailed instructions for those who might want to emulate the Donald look. (See above.) Also in 2008, a British journalist, Nigel Farndale of the Daily Telegraph,  plucked up the courage to question Trump about his coiffure–something no US journalist has yet had the courage to do.

 “For the love of God Man, why [the hair-do]?”, Trump replied: “People always comment on it, but it’s not that bad and it’s mine. I mean, I get killed on it. I had an article somewhere saying it was a hairpiece, but you can see it isn’t.”

The Telegraph’s man then watched as Trump tugged on the thatch to disprove the wig accusations, before asking him to reveal the secrets of the comb-over look, which has also been described as looking like a “sunken apricot souffle”. “I use spray actually,” admitted Trump. “I’ll comb it wet then spray it so it doesn’t get blown away by the wind. I’ve taken a lot of heat on my hair, but, hey, it seems to work.”

IT SEEMS TO WORK!!!??? Is he serious?? I guess I should not be surprised; if he knew just how silly he looks, he might have hired a stylist many years ago. There are actually people in this country who think this delusional man could be President?

I’m sure there are those who might chalk it up to the eccentricities of a wealthy man–some might even find it charming. But seriously, no one should take this clown seriously. Please.


So there you have it. Four years later, and he hasn’t changed a bit–other than he seems to have a love fest going on with the radical right fringe.

Scary, isn’t it?

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1 Response to A Reprise of “The Donald” and His Hair

  1. Betty Anne says:

    “it seems to work” That statement alone proves that he is totally incapable of making intelligent decisions. For Heavens’ sake, how do make this clown go away?


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