Announcing a New Blog

I have added a new blog to my repertoire of writing activities–as if I needed one more . . .

But, really, I do need this new one. At least, that’s what I read and hear authors need to do. The conventional wisdom is that an author’s blog address must not include “wordpress” or “blogspot.” Having your own domain apparently ups your street cred, and I need all the cred I can get.  It’s linked to my author website even though the address is slightly different. You can get to the blog and back to my site easily.


I am keeping this blog, Boxelders and Blackberries, active and its focus will remain somewhat unfocused–sometimes my own writing, sometimes my opinions on matters big and small, and sometimes whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes I may cross-post some topics to both blogs.

The new blog is all about the art and craft of writing and self-publishing with the first post celebrating some excellent self-published books I have either read or that were recommended to me by one of my LinkedIn groups. I’m planning to make this a regular feature in the new blog.

I didn’t take the recommendations lightly. In fact, I am developing my own evaluation standards which I can apply even to books I haven’t read. My initial standards (subject to revision) are:

  • Cover: Easily read in thumbnail view, not overcrowded with images, text and title in readable font, reflects the content of the book.
  • Interior formatting: Front matter properly arranged, appropriate margins, reasonable paragraph breaks, chapter headings/titles distinguishable from content text.
  • Writing: Good editing is evident (no typos, misspellings, punctuation errors), opening paragraph/lines are compelling and draw the reader in, interesting characters are introduced.
  • (Note: The “Look Inside” feature sometimes ignores the html code that specifies the size of an image as a percentage of the viewing screen width and makes the image much larger than it should be. (e.g., publisher’s logo, scene breaks. These issues will be ignored.)

I’m sure I will be refining these standards as I go along.

Please drop on by and take a look at the new blog and maybe click the “follow” button. (Or even click the follow button here, too)

About Sharon

**Writing, both personal and professional, has always been an important aspect of my life. **Personally, whether I write from experience or invent fictional characters, I learn so much about myself. Writing has always helped me understand and deal with important events and issues in my life. The blog, "Boxelders and Blackberries" serves this purpose. **My "gravatar" is a boxelder tree, which I hope provides a way to bring together my personal and professional writing. The boxelder tree branches into multiple trunks, each representing a different direction my life and career has taken.
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