Dr. Cristy Kessler and 5 STEPS Advocate Book Tour | Indiegogo

Gearing up for a very important event. We’re taking Cristy’s book, 5 S.T.E.P.S. to Being Your Own Patient Advocate, on the road in July and are in need of funding to help out. Right now, it’s all out-of-pocket expenses, but it is definitely a worthwhile project as the whole concept related to her book has generated a new venture. More about that in a moment. Take a look at her video from the IndieGoGo crowdfunding site.

To learn more and to contribute, go to Dr. Cristy Kessler and 5 STEPS Advocate Book Tour | Indiegogo.

Now, for the “more” I promised to add.

In telling her powerful story, Cristy discovered a passion for helping others use the strategies she developed over a lifetime of health care to become her own best patient advocate. We are developing a project called 5 STEPS Advocate, which is a promising company that provides health care education through books, workshops, webinars, podcasts and consulting services to individuals and organizations concerned with illness, wellness and recovery.

Our plan is not only to publish additional books (with workbooks) to serve a broader community of patients, caregivers, and medical professionals, but also to provide personalized service through workshops and one-on-one consultations, teaching patients and their caregivers how to open doors that have been shut by conventional healthcare systems.

It’s an exciting venture involving Cristy, me, and two other very talented women.

5 STEPS Advocate

  • teaches patients and their caretakers to embrace the 5 STEPS Principles*  and recognize that Knowledge is Power;
  • teaches patients and their caretakers how to open doors that have been shut by conventional health care systems and how to move forward when fear and societal expectations promote inaction;
  • creates an environment of hope for individuals with chronic or severe illness and their caretakers and we empower all people to advocate for their health care needs.

*The 5 S.T.E.P.S.are Sensibility, Teamwork, Education, Patience/Perseverance, Sustainability. They are based on the following principles:

  • ŸWe know what our bodies are telling us about our well being and we need the tools to communicate that clearly to our physicians.
  • ŸWe, along with our doctors and our network of family and friends, collaborate and work as a team for the most effective medical outcomes.
  • ŸWe do our own research regarding our medical issues and share our learning with team members who reciprocate with support and the sharing of knowledge.
  • ŸWe are patient with our bodies, ourselves, and others; we persevere regardless of setbacks and obstacles we encounter.
  • ŸWe recognize that our overall well being depends on sustaining not only the body, but also the mind and spirit.

More details coming soon regarding the book tour. In the meantime, any contribution, no matter how small, is appreciated.


About Sharon

**Writing, both personal and professional, has always been an important aspect of my life. **Personally, whether I write from experience or invent fictional characters, I learn so much about myself. Writing has always helped me understand and deal with important events and issues in my life. The blog, "Boxelders and Blackberries" serves this purpose. **My "gravatar" is a boxelder tree, which I hope provides a way to bring together my personal and professional writing. The boxelder tree branches into multiple trunks, each representing a different direction my life and career has taken.
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