What Are The Rules If The GOP Contest Goes To Convention? | TPM2012

Now Talking Points Memo is getting around to bringing this up. See What Are The Rules If The GOP Contest Goes To Convention? | TPM2012.

However, I’d like to reply to Benjy Sarlin on two points:

“Without any organization ready, they’d likely have to accept limited federal funds to run their effort and then hope to cannibalize from the losing contenders immediately to create some kind of functioning campaign.”and “To compete financially, people need to start raising money now so they can pay for things like the jet the candidate and press corps fly around in. That’s the discussion you have to have, and I don’t see anybody doing it now.”

Don’t English: Official photo of former Florida Gove...be fooled; I have no doubt that the organization was created a long time ago and fund-raising will pose no problems. Between the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, as well as others, the money will pour in. The stealth candidate doesn’t need to do anything to get prepared. He is already prepared and waiting in the wings (Think Jeb Bush). The jets are waiting on the tarmac and the buses are waiting in the garage. The paint jobs and wraps will be completed before the gavel falls to close the GOP convention in Tampa.

The money-changers are shifting funding all over the place behind the scenes and under cover of Citizens United to try to orchestrate different winners in different primaries. How do you think Santorum won three primaries? And Gingrich South Carolina? It will be Ron Paul’s turn soon.  The money will be there for the stealth candidate and Obama’s war chest will pale in comparison.

Anyone who really thinks the Republican Party is in disarray is naive. It’s all an act—a sideshow designed to catch the Democratic Party off guard.

It’s coming and the Dems better get ready.

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One Response to What Are The Rules If The GOP Contest Goes To Convention? | TPM2012

  1. Betty Anne says:

    I’ll bet the Dems are planning for this. Obama has already finessed the birth control issue; he has all the campaign commercials he can use of Republicans refusing contraception to women. The issue is a loser for them. He is already aiming at the vital swing voters. I think his campaign is smart- witness 2008 – enough to do all this and more. For all our sakes, let’s hope so.


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