Republican Sideshow is Just That: a Show

I can’t quite understand why nobody but me thinks the entire Republican primary campaign is just a show. Call me crazy (I won’t deny it), but I am convinced that none of the current candidates will be the Republican nominee.

In the first place, all of them have repeatedly broken St. Ronald’s eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican. To see them going at one another so viciously on the one hand while on the other hand they claim to be Reagan conservatives is designed to distract the voting public and the Democratic Party. With the exception, perhaps, of Ron Paul, who marches to his own dimwitted drummer (and isn’t even a Republican), Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich all most certainly know that none of them will be the nominee. But they have a role to play and they are delivering Oscar-worthy performances.

There is a wizard behind the curtain calling the shots. Maybe Karl Rove—he’s been uncharacteristically silent throughout most of this circus. The millions of dollars being thrown at these candidates for this distraction is doubtless nothing compared to what conservative corporations and multi-millionaires will put into the real campaign after the Republican Convention dismisses all of the posers and announces the real nominee.

Pay attention to Rove’s connection to two of the biggest SuperPacs, American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS. They “plan to raise $300 million this year to defeat President Obama, elect Republicans to Congress, and block the Democrats’ agenda.” They have already begun to run anti-Obama ads, but they are apparently not throwing money at any of the current crop of candidates. Could it be that they are holding off until the real candidate emerges at the convention?

Who will emerge as the crown prince? Right now, I’m thinking Jeb Bush. He, too, has been quiet throughout the circus. My only reservation about him is whether Momma Bear will allow him to take a shot at being a more respected President than her little Georgie–certainly a more intelligent one. It will be hard for her to do, but most will remember how angry she was at George for being so bad that he had ruined Jeb’s chances to be President. I would not be surprised if there were a clandestine effort to spring this kind of surprise on the public.

Of course, there’s always Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and others who are probably salivating while they wait in the wings. But my guess is, the real nominee has already been chosen and is just biding his time until August and the convention.

Such an outcome from the convention is a long-shot, since Republican delegates are obliged by the party and by law to vote for the candidate who won their primary. However, if no one gets a majority of those delegates, then it would be open. But that’s an unlikely scenario. There are too many delegates up for grabs as the primary season rolls along; it would require massive manipulation to keep any one candidate from winning a majority of the delegates.

BUT!  What if, before the delegates cast their votes, the presumptive winner steps forward and declares he’s taking himself out of the race and urges them to cast their ballots for the crown prince?  I could see any one of the current candidates doing that so that the surprise nominee wins the nomination by acclamation. And the red, white, and blue balloons and confetti drop from the ceiling in the midst of the grand celebration!

Think of it. A completely different candidate emerging at the convention, one who has not been lambasted through the nasty ads of the primary circus, a candidate that the Democrats have been too busy enjoying the boxing match to prepare a campaign against. Think of it. Republicans catching Democrats flat-footed. It’s not like the Republicans have always “played fair.”

Google searches for “surprise Republican candidate” and “surprise Republican nominee” yielded only one hit, the same one from a disillusioned conservative who can only hope that the Republicans can come up with a different candidate at the convention. I offer him my prediction: they will. And when they do, the Democrats will be woefully unprepared to compete in the campaign.

I see no future for Romney or Gingrich on any presidential ticket, but I suspect Santorum could emerge as a vice-presidential candidate. His role in the sideshow is to offer an alternative to the vitriol of the two headliners. He lacks charisma; he’s colorless, and he’s a whacked-out evangelical.  He just may be named Best Supporting Actor.

It will be an interesting wrap-up to the Republican race. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. I hope I’m wrong, because I think President Obama can handily beat Gingrich or Romney. Even though the Obama-haters and the birthers and the Kenyan conspiricists will have to hold their noses to vote for one of them, I have faith in the intelligence of the majority of American voters to choose wisely.

(See, I don’t deny being crazy.)

January 27, 2012,  just had to add this from HuffPo:

5:45 PM – 01/26/2012

Bachmann Makes Prediction

Michele Bachmann is no longer in the race, but she is still weighing in from the sidelines. The Minnesota congresswoman sat down with “The O’Reilly Factor” for an interview airing Thursday night and said that she expects the Florida primary to be “decisive”:

“It will be decisive in that we could see a few candidates drop out and I think it could be a rallying point, because winner take all. And even though we have a long way to go to get the requisite number of delegates, the fact on the ground is you have to have money to be able to keep the mother ship and that’s the — that’s the determiner.”

Bachmann also talked about her plans to serve as unifier of the GOP.

“For me, I intend to play a unifying role,” she said. “I want this party to come together. I want Independents to be attracted to our candidate because I am committed to making sure that Barack Obama doesn’t have a second term.”

She says that at the convention “a few candidates will drop out.”  Since there are only a few candidates left, I wonder if she’s thinking the same thing I’m thinking . . .  (Now, that’s REALLY scary!)

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2 Responses to Republican Sideshow is Just That: a Show

  1. Betty Anne says:

    Very interesting! I was so hoping it would be Gingrich because he is so much easier to beat, but Rove & Co would never let that happen. Even Coulter has blasted him. (At least that’s the headline; I am careful to avoid her rantings.) So you think the fun will begin at the convention. I am marking my calendar and laying in the snacks.


  2. Sharon says:

    It could be the first time I ever watch a Republican convention . . . YIKES!


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